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    We present you Ameca, the most advanced humanoid robot in the world

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    Since the advent of robotics, the creation ofhumanoid automata realistic represents a huge challenge for scientists. Recently, a British laboratory pushed the bar very high by unveiling a robot with facial expressions strongly similar to those of men. Although the android nicknamed Ameca was recently unveiled, it is described as the world’s most advanced human-shaped robot.

    Ameca the human-shaped robot

    Credit: Nouvel Obs

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    The presentation of this new technological treasure was done through a short 40-second promotional video. During this, spectators could see the automaton wake up, look at its hands and then observe the objective. In addition, Ameca is able to smile, to blink and even be surprised.

    For reasons of neutrality, humanoid has been coated with a color of gray skin and passive features leaving the public perplexed. According to the words of its CEO Will Jackson, Engineered Arts is already offering its robot to the rental and purchase.

    A new technological feat for the firm and the world

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    In addition to the scientists, many spectators were amazed by thehuman aspect of the robot. Some have gone so far as to say that this is the first humanoid that did not frighten them. For Mr. Will Jackson, this is a great success which is part of the company’s vision to create human robots capable of interacting easily with people. This explains why the design of Ameca lasted fifteen.

    Moreover, this new pearl complements the technological performance provided by Sophia, the humanoid automaton created by Hanson Robotics in 2016. But unlike Ameca, this robot is capable of discussing and telling jokes; so many faculties which have earned him the title of “Saudi Arabia’s first citizen robot”. However, Engineered Arts strongly supports the view that Ameca will give humanity an idea of ​​the future.

    Growing interest in robotics

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    With this latest achievement ofEngineered Arts, more and more people and companies are interested in robotics. Reuters has also shown that many American companies have recently opted for the use of robots in their production line. In total, an increase of 37% was recorded for a dollar value of $ 1.48 billion.

    There is no doubt that robots will help make assembly lines more efficient in the future, at least for factories.


    Source From: Fredzone

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