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Nike shoots up the metaverse: the company bought virtual sneakers

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Shoe maker Nike acquires virtual sneaker company RTFKT, thus establishing its presence in the metaverse

Nike will send sneakers to the metaverse

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In November, the company became one of the first major brands to enter the shared virtual world on the blockchain.

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According to the CEO John Donahoe, buying sneakers is another step accelerating Nike’s digital transformation, writes Reuters.

In the metaverse, users can buy virtual land and, for example, yachts for hundreds of thousands of dollars, clothing for avatars, and more – in the form of a crypto asset, or NFT.

NFT is a non-fungible token or unique digital certificate, giving exclusive rights to a painting, artifact, real estate and more in the virtual world.

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In a regular blockchain, all cryptocoins are the same, while an NFT is a digital “coin” that not replace or exchange without changing its value and essence.

RTFKT company, the creator of virtual sneakers, launched in 2020 and has been producing collectibles and memes for the metaverse ever since.

We will remind, earlier Meta showed the work of a tactile glove for virtual reality.


Source From: Segodnya

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