From the Pnrr 1.6 billion for the 5 national centers

The announcement has been published that allocates € 1.6 billion to 5 national centers engaged in frontier research relating to key technologies. This was announced by the Ministry for University and Research, which today published the announcement on its website, the first foreseen for the research measures in the supply chain of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr). The funded centers deal with: simulations, calculation and analysis of high performance data; agricultural technologies (Agritech), development of gene therapy and drugs with RNA technology, sustainable mobility, biodiversity.

The proposals to establish the National Centers can be submitted through the GEA IT platform of the ministry starting from 12.00 on 17 January and at the same time on 15 February 2022.
The National Centers, for each of which a funding of between 200 and 400 million euros is foreseen, are aggregations of state universities and research bodies supervised by the Ministry for University and Research and may provide for the involvement of non-state universities, others public research bodies and other highly qualified public or private entities that carry out research activities. All must be organized with a structure dedicated to management and coordination activities (Hub) and another dedicated to research (Spoke).

Their activity, the ministry notes, is aimed at creating or renovating research infrastructures and laboratories, creating and developing research programs and activities, encouraging the birth and growth of entrepreneurial initiatives with a higher technological content such as start-ups and spin offs, and enhance the research results.

The proposals must provide that “at least 40% of the financial resources are destined for activities carried out in the regions of Southern Italy and that at least 40% of the staff employed or recipients of fixed-term study or research grants are women”. The call also provides that “each Center employs at least 250 people dedicated to research, including the structured staff of universities and organizations participating in the project and that the Spoke structure dedicated to research must include a number of members between 5 and 15 .

The proposals will be evaluated by five Commissions, one for each topic, made up of Italian or foreign experts. The evaluation foresees two distinct phases, which will be followed by a negotiation phase conducted by a Commission appointed by decree of the Minister and composed of a representative of the Ministry of University and Research, one from the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the coordinators of the panel of experts involved in the previous evaluation phases.

The duration of the research program is three years starting from the date indicated in the decree granting the funding, which will be signed at the end of the negotiation phase and can be extended, with the authorization of the ministry, no later than 28 February 2026.


Source From: Ansa

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