Dna and proteins, an Italian software analyzes Big data

It takes just a few minutes and a handful of clicks to analyze hundreds of thousands of genome and protein data thanks to reString, the new free and open source software that allows even researchers with no experience in bioinformatics to carry out complex analyzes. The result is published in Scientific Reports by researchers from the University of Milan and the Policlinico di Milano.

“Our software – explains Stefano Manzini, medical biotechnologist and first author of the article – is able to automatically retrieve information and useful data from huge online databases, based on the results that are being obtained in the laboratory. able to ‘summarize’ these data in a more immediate and understandable way, putting together the common or most recurrent elements in all the experimental conditions of the research, however numerous they may be. This work is fundamental to understand, within of hundreds of thousands of data, which are the most promising in explaining a given phenomenon and therefore in which way to direct future research. Normally it is an analysis that is carried out manually in laboratories that do not have dedicated researchers experts in bioinformatics, and leads several precious days away: now, thanks to reString, anyone can do it in a few clicks “


Source From: Ansa

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