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Cats and birds basking on Starlink plates by Elon Musk and can break them

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SpaceX’s Starlink satellite dishes attract cats and birds to bask on them, but this can cause interference or fry the animals themselves.

Cats can break the Internet from Elon Musk?

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One Starlink client, Aaron Taylor, counted at least five cats, pressed against one of the plates to keep warm by the heat it generates.

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Users speculate that the many animals on the plates can cause failures in their work, writes futurism.

Starlink works great until cats discover that the dish is heats up a little on cold days, Taylor wrote.

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One of the users posted in response, a photo with a bird riding device on the roof.

Meanwhile, one of the Starlink beta testers, Jack Anley checked the equipment with a thermal imager and found out that the entire surface of the plate is warm.

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Users fear that birds on the edge of the plate, like cats, may interfere with normal operation. global internet.

An anonymous user under the nickname Socal Crypto in the comments identified himself as a former satellite operator and warned that the satellite dish could be dangerous to animals.

Starlink does experience malfunctions, but it has not yet been possible to find out exactly whether they are provoked by animals or other factors.



Source From: Segodnya

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