Hacker against Fifa Ultimate Team, stolen accounts and credits

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(ANSA) – MILAN, JAN 10 – A hacker attack is underway against Fifa 22, the latest football videogame developed by Ea Sport, a branch of Electronics Arts. According to reports from specialized newspapers, such as Eurogamer, the players of Ultimate Team, the online mode of Fifa that allows you to create a custom team to be deployed on the field on the basis of collectible cards, which represent the athletes and the coaches.

For Mirror Football. among the stolen accounts also those of the first 100 streamers of the game, including some Italians. According to the reconstruction, the managers would have deceived the Electronic Arts support staff, arriving to obtain the access information to the compromised profiles.

Ea Sports limited itself to confirming that it was aware of the situation and that it had launched an investigation with the aim of finding out more, referring to the official support site for further details. “We have been notified of recent account hacking attempts and are investigating,” the developer explained. The hackers would have acted by contacting the live chat service Ea Help, to convince the operators to change the emails associated with the accounts, simply by providing the Gamertag or the PSN ID, that is the username of the accounts, without other verification information, including the e-mail address already registered. A trick as simple as it is effective. Once they gained access to the profiles, the cybercriminals emptied many of the victims’ digital accounts, transferring them to others. In the case of the Italian champion Mano, the hackers sold his most expensive players, at very low prices, then shifting the virtual credit towards directly controlled profiles. (HANDLE).


Source From: Ansa

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