Metaverse, real objects become digital thanks to Sony

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The metaverse, the platform of the future on which the hi-tech giants focus as a new form of communication, work and entertainment, begins to take shape. Meta continues to hire developers and managers while there are those, like Sony, who think of devices that can combine the physical world with the digital one. In a patent that recently surfaced online, a special scanner is shown that can turn real objects into files for the virtual, thus populating one’s apartment or office on the metaverse. The technology in question would allow gamers to scan real-world objects into virtual reality, making anything interactive in VR space. The patent was filed on June 23, 2021 but the United States office had requested more information. To date, it is not fully approved.

In addition to the metaverse, Sony could launch such a device primarily for owners of a PlayStation. In the videogame catalog there are titles, such as Dreams, developed by Media Molecule, in which players can recreate their worlds, starting from scratch. With the scanner, enthusiasts would have the opportunity to decline their surroundings in 3D, with greater graphic fidelity. Sony is no stranger to such experiments. In 2017 he brought the 3D Creator app on board his Xperia smartphones, to reproduce objects and faces in three dimensions, captured at 360 degrees with the mobile phone camera. (HANDLE).


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