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    TOP 12 things that will make it easier for you to work with a laptop

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    Various accessories and gadgets for laptops can help make working with them more convenient – especially on the road or, for example, at the beach.


    Laptop accessories and gadgets can make your life a lot easier / Фото: Pixabay

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    Users now practically do not part with their laptops, working lying in bed or sitting on trains, but this has created a number of problems – with recharging, backlighting, and wearing comfort.

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    Therefore, you may need the help of other gadgets to improve their and your productivity.

    Below we list 12 useful things for your laptop from interesting engineering.

    Table for a laptop

    It can be uncomfortable to carry a laptop on your lap when you have nowhere to put it outside or when you are in bed. But table for a laptop makes everything easier and more efficient.

    Thanks to the holder and low weight, many of them can be carried with you anywhere.

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    It is worth choosing a table equipped with tablet holder, pen and phone, which will save space wherever you use it; lying on the couch or while traveling.

    Encrypted flash drive

    You can store whatever you want on a flash drive, that’s fine. But there are things we are all ashamed of: old or candid photos and movies, or confidential company files.

    To store them safely, it will come in handy encrypted flash drive, the loss of which will not be so scary, since the attacker who stole it will not be able to view the files.

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    They will also be inaccessible to those who accidentally pick up a flash drive or deliberately decide to check your classified information – for example, someone from your friends or relatives.

    Cooling pad for laptop

    When you use your laptop for long hours, it inevitably gets hotter and hotter, and feels even worse in summer.

    To avoid association with a hot object on your knees, it may come in handy cooling padwhich will make the laptop much cooler.

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    Select models have up to six angle adjustments, allowing you to comfortably position your laptop, regardless of owner posture.

    Portable charger

    Users do not always use their laptop in a house with a lot of outlets. Sometimes you need to work right on the street or on the road.

    If the laptop is already sitting down after a few hours of work, and there is no cafe nearby to use the outlet, you can buy a portable Charger.

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    You can take it with you anywhere to charge your laptop. It could also be docking station with multiple USB ports.

    Wireless portable mouse

    The touchpad is not something that everyone can use or that everyone can get used to. If you have always used a mouse, using the touchpad may not be as convenient for you.

    Therefore, of course, a wireless mouse is suitable for you, which you can always choose your favorite size and color.

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    The choice of such devices is usually very wide – from gaming to the cheapest and simplest, and they will definitely help those who have a laptop uncomfortable touchpad.

    Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

    Music is one of the most enjoyable and delightful things in our lives, but the sound in laptops is not the best, and headphones are not always comfortable either.

    Special Bluetooth speakers, which are now also available waterproof, will help you enjoy all the ranges of sounds.

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    You can use them everywhere: at the beach, at work, at a party or in the living room.

    Memory card reader

    To access memory cards, a card reader can be useful, which allows you to access data on cards such as SD or MMC.

    Generally, it is compatible with connectors types A, B and C. So with just an SD card and this card reader, you can manage all your data to and from your devices.

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    For example, you can take photos with a professional camera and this card reader, and then transfer to laptop and share them with others.

    Laptop bag

    A simple but important thing that will always come in handy on the road is a laptop bag.

    It is important to find a comfortable bag with comfortable beltso it doesn’t hurt your shoulder. It is also better to choose a bag that is the size of the laptop so that it is stored safely there.

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    Many laptop bags and backpacks also have additional compartments: make sure they are strong enough so that the keys in the pocket of such a bag will not damage the surface favorite computer.

    Magnetic laptop holder

    It’s a chance to say goodbye to tired necks and missed messages thanks to a dual-screen setup that fits a phone and laptop at eye level.

    You just need to attach the magnetic phone mount to the top of your laptop or any other surface with the included adhesive tape.

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    The phone holder has folding extension, which is tiny, light and easy to carry, making it ideal for use at home or on the go.

    Laptop docking station

    This device allows you to connect to double or triple outer screens HD and USB accessories such as a keyboard, mouse, USB flash drive or printer.

    You can connect a device and multiple speakers to create your own multi-display workstation.

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    USB-C connectors let you charge your laptop 100 W and provide ultra-fast data transfer.

    In addition, you can also charge phones. Another additional USB 2.0 port is suitable for a keyboard and a wireless device, providing a reliable WiFi connection.

    Desktop vacuum cleaner

    After 180 minutes of charging cordless keyboard cleaner with rechargeable lithium-ion battery is ready to use and will remove dust everywhere.

    Crumbs, scraps of paper, pet hair, and anything else that fits on your computer keyboard can be picked up by it.

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    Such a device is lightweight and can be used at home, in the office or in the car. He also has a good filtration system.

    Keyboard night light

    Sleepless work nights can only be saved with a keyboard night light. To avoid eye strain, the lamp surface is free of flicker, glare, blue light and shadows.

    Led indicator powered by USB; there is no need for an additional power supply as power is supplied directly from the inserted USB port.

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    It can be folded into a pocket, bag or backpack and it rotates 360 degreesto meet the needs of multiple positions despite its small size and light weight.

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    Source From: Segodnya

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