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Ship on methane and oxygen: delivery to the moon became a reality

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Intuitive Machines built its own Nova-C spacecraft to deliver NASA to the Moon from 2025

Engineers assembled a spacecraft to organize a delivery service to the moon / Photo: Intuitive Machines

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The engineers signed a contract with the space agency in 2018 – it was then that NASA launched a program of commercial services for the transportation of goods to the moon.

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The Artemis mission should return the Americans to the Earth’s satellite by 2025, and private companies will deliver tools and devices to build the base, writes the BBC.

Nova-C capable of carrying a payload weighing 130 kg, but in his first flight he will carry only 80 kg. It will take four days to get to the moon.

The ship is equipped with its own propulsion system, which uses a combination of methane and liquid oxygen.

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It is this fuel that will drive trade in the solar system in the future, Intuitive Machines is confident.

Crane says that once Nova-C has proven itself, they will build a larger spacecraft that can carry payloads up to five tons.

The spacecraft will launch into space on a SpaceX rocket in the first quarter of 2022.

Recall that earlier we wrote that the Ukrainian satellite went into space on an Elon Musk rocket.


Source From: Segodnya

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