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    Billionaires lined up: the world’s first flying yacht is presented

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    Design studio Lazzarini has unveiled the concept of a flying catamaran yacht that rises into the air with the help of two helium-filled airships – a dream for any oligarch

    A flying yacht is the dream of any billionaire / Photo: Collage: Today

    Air Yacht is a new addition to Lazzarini’s range of extraordinary luxury designs. Earlier, he created a swan-shaped electric yacht and a hybrid superyacht with a hole in the hull.

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    The floating catamaran is lifted into the air by two 150-meter-long airships connected on both sides by an 80-meter-long central hull.

    The central body is 10 meters wide and provides a panoramic 360-degree view of the sky and the ground below.

    The main deck, dining and living areas are located in the central hull, and each of the two airships has five en-suite guest rooms with large windows to accommodate a total of 22 passengers.

    The helium gas in the airships allows the yacht to fly at 60 knots (111 km/h) for just over 48 hours before refueling is needed.

    On water, the yacht can move at a speed of 9 km / h. If this is not enough, there is a helipad in the upper part of the central building for those in a hurry.

    The top of the airships is covered with solar panels that power the ship’s electric motors.

    The cost of building such a yacht is not reported, but the same swan yacht was estimated at $500 million.

    Previous works by Pierpaolo Lazzarini


    Source From: Segodnya

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