Facebook: Vestager, EU towards metaverse scrutiny

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(ANSA) – BRUSSELS, JAN 19 – For the future operations of the metaverse, the evolution on which Facebook is working and which represents the main trend of the digital world, a careful examination by the European Antitrust is expected. This is what the Vice President of the European Commission, Margrethe Vestager, indicates in an interview with the online newspaper POLITICO Europe.

The metaverse represents a new challenge for regulators, with “new markets and a range of different activities” in which “someone could have a dominant position”, points out Vestager, underlining that in digital “things are happening” that the EU Brussels “to be able to follow”.

According to the head of EU Competition, this is the time to deepen the analysis of the markets that will emerge through the iterations of the metaverse and of the potential abuses of power that could derive from it. “We should start thinking about it now,” warns the Dane, adding that the likely increase in the use of so-called non-fungible (NTF) tokens within the metaverse could be an area to be closely monitored.

Leading the way is the online video game sector. “In the world of video games, there are already people who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for ‘skins’ and some items that can be exchanged” and “there are human traders who stand between the seller and the buyer”, explains Vestager. , specifying that “everything happens online, but new markets are emerging that are not only in the field of video games”. For this, the EU is trying to “understand how to ask the right questions” for its future investigations. (HANDLE).


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