Stop the Earth: what will happen to people if the planet stops rotating

If the Earth suddenly stopped rotating around its axis, but continued – around the Sun, the climate would change dramatically

If the Earth stops, people will be hit by radiation / Фото: Pixabay

Scientists said that if the planet suddenly stopped, then at least an ordinary Earth day would disappear.

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The day would last six months, just like the night. At the same time, the planet would become very hot during the day, and cool much more at night, which would change the climate on Earth, writes Space.

A large temperature difference between day and night would cause strong winds: they would collide, creating huge tornadoes the size of entire continents.

In addition, the magnetic field, which is created due to the rotation of the Earth, would disappear.

Without it, cosmic radiation radiation will reach the Earth and hit people, but gravity will not disappear – you will still remain on the planet.

It must be understood that the Earth has been rotating since its birth – 4.5 billion years. The only thing that can stop her temporarily if another planet crashes into it.

But in such a scenario, people are unlikely to survive, since a real Apocalypse will begin, comparable to the plot of the movie “Don’t Look Up”.

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