Like after Chernobyl: plants in Japan have mutated and behave unusually

Plants in Fukushima grow abnormally due to radiation left over from the 2011 nuclear accident – very similar to Ukraine’s Chernobyl

Pine trees in Japan went crazy with radiation / Photo: Wikipedia

Scientists have described changes in the structure of plants and trees in areas close to where the partial meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant occurred.

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This happened after a 9.1 magnitude earthquake and a tsunami that swept the plant’s cooling systems, writes Newsweek.

Plant life has shown strange anomalies in the years since the accident. So, mutated places from which needles diverge on the tree.

Mutation rate straight proportional to the dose of ionizing radiationto which coniferous trees have been subjected.

Another anomaly discovered was the disappearance of shoots Japanese fir and red pine. This further proved that ionizing radiation can change the structure of trees.

The detected anomalies were similar to those found on pine trees in the Chernobyl zone exclusion, near the crash site.

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