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They overtake Elon Musk: the gadget raised paralyzed people to their feet

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A new spinal implant has allowed paralyzed people to walk, climb stairs and even ride a bike

Implants allowed paralyzed people to walk

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The new device sends electrical signals to the spine and controls movement, which helped nine people with spinal injuries begin to move.

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Neurosurgeon Jocelyn Bloch of the University Hospital of Lausanne in Switzerland performed the operation and said all patients recovered immediately after the operation, writes The Science Times.

What gives the implant

Now patients can get up and walk with the support of walking wheels. One of the patients noted that he could move his legs on the first day and walk after three to four months of training.

Michel Roccati, 30, was paralyzed after a motorcycle accident in 2017 that left him the spine was completely torn.

He has lost sensation in his legs, but thanks to the operation, he can move with the help of tablet-controlled device.

Not yet a cure

The researchers clarified that the implant is not a cure for spinal injuries. However, walking and standing help the patient feel less pain due to daily sitting in a wheelchair.

It is mainly used for rehabilitation, not for walking around the city. Unfortunately, the implant almost does not return the sensitivity of the limbs.

Elon Musk, the founder of Neuralink, is also developing a similar technology: he promises that his implants will allow paralyzed people to move and begin to feel their body again.

In part, not only Switzerland, but also Australia has already overtaken him in this: at the end of December 2021, a paralyzed man posted a tweet for the first time in the world with the power of thought.

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