Spiegel, CIA fears Russian attack on Ukraine next week

(ANSA) – BERLIN, 11 FEB – The CIA believes that the Russian attack on Ukraine could be launched next week. This is what der Spiegel writes, according to which the Americans have warned the allies to believe that the military aggression could take place on Wednesday 16 February.

According to information from the German magazine, the American services and the US military have informed the German government and other NATO states in the course of today. According to several diplomats and military, the services have provided various details. “The concrete routes of the Russian invasion, the individual Russian units and the tasks they should take on would be described. The date for a possible start of the invasion is February 16,” Spiegel said.

In Berlin, however, it is believed that it cannot be assessed whether there is actually an imminent attack: a military aggression in mid-February had been considered plausible for some time, continues the magazine. “Insiders also believe it possible that the US has released information to torpedo Russia’s attack plans,” he concludes. Meanwhile, the Pentagon will send another 3,000 troops to Poland in the coming days, according to sources heard by Fox. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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