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Spain: seats open for regional in Castile-Leon

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(ANSA) – MADRID, FEBRUARY 13 – Polls opened at 9.00 in Castile and León, a region of Spain where just over two million citizens are called to the polls for the renewal of the local Parliament. A session followed closely by the main Iberian media, which do not exclude political repercussions even on a national scale depending on the possible results.

The latest polls show a situation of uncertainty regarding the possible outcome. The favorite for the victory is the outgoing president, the popular Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, who called the elections in advance with the aim of obtaining a better result than the previous round (2019) and governing without the direct support of the liberals of Ciudadanos, as happened in the last parliamentary term. However, according to the forecasts, Mañueco will hardly succeed in this intent. The far-right party Vox could thus prove decisive, given a great increase in the polls.

For its part, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s Socialist Party hopes for a surprise victory.

The polls will remain open until 20. (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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