Istanbul paralyzed by snow

(ANSA-AFP) – ANTALYA, MARCH 11 – A heavy snowfall that hit Istanbul since Wednesday night is continuing to cause severe inconvenience in transport. The major Turkish airline Turkish Airlines has announced that today it has canceled 213 flights to and from Istanbul, also tomorrow 180 flights have been canceled and possible cancellations are scheduled for Sunday. Low-cost carrier Pegasus airlines also canceled at least 30 scheduled flights today. Since Thursday, schools and universities have been closed and state employees have been exempted from going to the office until Monday. The snowfall has created traffic problems and today traffic jams were seen in the main road arteries of the city on the Bosphorus while the prefecture has invited citizens not to go out by car except for strong necessities. According to forecasts, the heavy snowfall could continue until Sunday.

A two-day heavy snowfall completely paralyzed Istanbul less than two months ago, in late January, creating severe disruption in Turkey’s largest city which is officially home to nearly 16 million people. (ANSA-AFP).

Source: Ansa

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