Ukrainian refugees file at Warsaw stadium for tax number

Hundreds of people line up in front of the national stadium in Warsaw to obtain their Pesel number, the equivalent of the tax code in Italy, which allows them to obtain numerous rights on Polish territory, including health care and registration in the registers for employment.
From the early hours of the morning the Ukrainian refugees, with the completed forms, reached the plant across the Vistula. The office, which was extraordinarily open for those fleeing the war last Saturday, recorded nearly three thousand bookings over the weekend alone. In fact, many people had to return to the stadium for not being able to reach the counters.
Meanwhile, in Germany, 225,000 Ukrainian refugees have officially arrived in the country since the start of the war.
The reception, which also sees an enormous mobilization of civil society, “is progressing well, but it is clear that we are only at the beginning”, according to the spokesman for Olaf Scholz, Steffen Hebestreit, who said this at a press conference in Berlin, underlining that this is “a very big task”, in which the collaboration of civil society has a fundamental value. From Bild am Sonntag it emerged that the government estimates that more than one million refugees will arrive in Germany due to Putin’s war. In recent days, both the foreign ministers and the interior ministers have called for a distribution system based on mandatory quotas in the EU.

Source: Ansa

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