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    Ukraine is able to return the territories occupied by the invaders – a source in the Pentagon

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    The American official gave examples of how the Ukrainians fought for the return of Kherson, as well as pushing back Russian troops from the northeast of Nikolaev

    The Pentagon believes that Ukrainian forces are capable of returning the occupied territories. Photo: collage “Today”

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    A senior US Department of Defense official said Ukrainian forces are now fighting for the return of their territorywhich has been occupied by the Russians over the past few days.

    About it writes the publication CNN.

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    The official gave examples of how the Ukrainians fought for the return of Kherson, as well as pushing back Russian troops from the northeast of Nikolaev.

    A senior U.S. Department of Defense official warned that the U.S. could not say whether these actions were part of the Ukrainians’ “grand operational plan” or not.

    According to the official, the Ukrainian defense is “agile”.

    Russia fired 1,080 missiles into Ukraine – Pentagon

    Russia since the beginning of the full-scale invasion fired 1080 missiles in Ukraine.

    The Americans record that the offensive of the invaders has stopped in all directions. Can’t see movement

    • in the northern and northwestern direction from Kyiv;
    • on the east, where the invaders are 30 kilometers from Kyiv.

    A senior US Department of Defense official noted that they do not see Russian units approaching Kharkov in this way, despite attempts to break through. Chernihiv and Mariupol are under siege, but fierce Ukrainian resistance prevents these cities from being taken by Russian troops.

    The American official noted that the Ukrainians keep most of their aircraft in combat-ready condition, despite increased Russian missile strikes on airfields. In addition, air defense systems continue to shoot down Russian fighters and missiles. Therefore, the airspace over Ukraine is not fully controlled by the Russians. According to the US, about 90% of the reserves of combat forces and assets that were concentrated on the borders before the start of the February 24 invasion remained combat-ready in Russia.

    Russia is running out of military resources in Ukraine

    Putin’s army is running out of resources to fight – it faces big problems. The occupiers understand this and surrender in “packs”.

    “The military resources of the enemy in Ukraine are running out, and there will be a logistical collapse. Realizing this, the tendency to take the enemy prisoner is growing. And not individual soldiers, but entire platoons. They already understand that the bodies of thousands of their comrades in the “exercises” who received the exam ” 200 points “remained in a foreign land. After all, Moscow does not recognize their death, for Putin they are cannon fodder, expendable material in an attempt to achieve their imperial dream. Many have already understood – they have been betrayed”– said the head of the Ministry of Defense Alexei Reznikov.

    Source: Segodnya

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