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Co-founder of the ‘Veterano Pizza’ chain killed in Mariupol

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(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 09 – “A few days ago we received terrible news. During the military mission in defense of the city of Mariupol, the Russian occupiers killed our friend, part of our large ‘Veteran’ family, Rafael Agayev “. Thus the Facebook page of the popular Ukrainian pizza chain, ‘Veterano Pizza’, announces the death of one of its co-founders.

“Raf, as everyone called him, has been defending our country since 2014. Upon his return” from the war in Donbass “he co-founded the first Veteran Pizza in 2016. It is thanks to Raf that each of you has a favorite pizza, for everyone tastes “, we read again in the post accompanied by photos of Agayev in uniform or behind the counter of one of the restaurants.

The interior of the one in Kiev, a stone’s throw from Independence Square (the Maidan of the revolts), closed since February 24, fully reflected the name chosen for the chain: on the walls photos of the Ukrainian fighters of the Donbass, reproductions of weapons, the shelves of the tables decorated with Kalashnikov shells under glass.

“Many years ago, Raf taught Leonid how to cook pizza, who became our pizza chef. And he taught our waiters the skills of service. He was always there, he was a friend, a husband, a father. And above all he was and he’s a Hero, “recalls the post.

“We remember all those who risk their lives for the good of free Ukraine, we are grateful to all those who daily bring us closer to victory! Only together will we overcome this Russian crap and drive it out of our land”, he concludes with a last post scriptum: ” See you, Raf, one day we will all meet for the most delicious pizza. “


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Source: Ansa

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