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Brazil: majority is against the off-season carnival

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(ANSA) – RIO DE JANEIRO, APRIL 13 – The majority of Brazilians are against the off-season carnival that will take place from April 20 to 23 in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo: this was revealed by a survey by the Datafolha institute.

In Rio – considered the tourist capital of Brazil and the one where the most famous carnival in the world takes place – only 26% say they are in favor of the realization of the parades, postponed for about two months following the resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic. 69% of those interviewed said they were against it.

In São Paulo – the largest and most populous city in the country – the percentage is even lower: only 17% approve the decision to carry out the event a few days after the Easter holidays, while 78% of the interviewees are against it.

Despite their cancellation by the authorities, the ‘blocos de rua’ (street music groups) still took place – in the majority of cases clandestinely – in various neighborhoods of Rio during the month of February. So much so that the perception, among the residents, is that the measure of the postponement of dates, officially taken for health reasons, actually ended up favoring the celebration of two carnivals, close together, in the same year. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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