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Historical mistake: how Lavrov added Israel to the list of “unfriendly countries” and gave a trump card to Ukraine

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The accusation of the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry of the Jews in anti-Semitism will force Tel Aviv to reconsider its relations with Moscow

The Kremlin’s aggressive policy has played a cruel joke on Russia itself. Photo: collage “Today”

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Anti-Semitic remarks Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, who, when asked about the Jewish origin of Vladimir Zelensky, said that Hitler was a Jew, and then added that “the most ardent anti-Semites, as a rule, Jews” caused a wave of indignation in Israel. Previously, Israel was, if not friendly, then emphatically neutral in relation to Russia. The Segodnya website found out how the scandal will change Tel Aviv’s policy towards Moscow and Kyiv.

Lavrov’s statement is a “low level of racism”

On Monday, May 1, Sergei Lavrov, commenting on the Jewish roots of Vladimir Zelensky, said in an interview with the Italian television company Mediaset that “Hitler also had Jewish blood.” He also stressed that “the most ardent anti-Semites, as a rule, are Jews.”

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Lavrov’s incorrect statements caused a storm of indignation not only in Ukraine, but also in Israel.

“I condemn the statement of the Russian Foreign Minister, his claims are false and outrageous. The purpose of this kind of lies is to blame the Jews themselves for the most terrible crimes in history committed against them, thereby removing responsibility from the enemies of Israel. Using the catastrophe of the Jewish people as a tool for political attacks must stop immediately”– said Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Naftali Bennet: "The statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, his statements are false and outrageous."  Photo: peoples.ru

Naftali Bennet: “The statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, his statements are false and outrageous.” Photo: peoples.ru

It should be noted that Bennett still quite diplomatically formulated a claim against the Russian official. Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid was more harsh.

“The remarks of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov are not only unforgivable and outrageous – they are also a terrible historical mistake. Jews did not kill themselves during the Holocaust. Accusing Jews themselves of anti-Semitism is the lowest level of racism against Jews”Lapid emphasized.

Yair Lapid: “Lavrov’s statements are a historical mistake and a base level of racism.” Photo: media.az

Lavrov’s words were surprised even in Russia

The fact of a historical mistake was also noted in Russia itself. In particular, it drew attention Russian journalist and politician Ksenia Sobchak.

“It seems that Sergei Lavrov really made a mistake”she wrote in her Telegram channel.

As Sobchak noted, the legend of “Hitler the Jew” was born due to the fact that his father, Alois Schicklgruber, was the illegitimate son of a servant who worked in the house of the Frankenbergers (according to other sources, the Rothschilds). And there, according to rumors, one of the owners looked after her. But there is no documentary evidence of this.

Ksenia Sobchak: "It seems that Sergey Lavrov really made a mistake", Photo: Facebook

Ksenia Sobchak: “It seems that Sergey Lavrov really made a mistake”, Photo: Facebook

The journalist also noted that historian Werner Maser tried to trace the family tree of the Fuhrer according to the documents of the Waldviertel district, to which the village of Strones belonged. Maser managed to prove that in the 19th century among the inhabitants of Graz there were no Jews at all, and people with the surname Frankenberger.

“The assumption that Hitler is a Jew, which means that they themselves are to blame for the genocide, is found in certain circles. And it is very sad that our Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who, of course, is a very educated person, uses the theses of the modern ultra-right”– summed up Sobchak.

Instead of an apology, a new absurd statement

Meanwhile, in connection with Lavrov’s statement, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for an explanatory conversation and apologies Russian Ambassador Anatoly Viktorov. However, instead of an apology, the Russian Foreign Ministry decided to escalate the conflict and bring it to the point of absurdity, accusing Israel itself of “support for the neo-Nazi regime”.

“We drew attention to the anti-historical statements of the head of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, which largely explain the course of the current Israeli government to support the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv,” the press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Twitter.


. : https://t.co/su6LL5VYoX

Friendly relations between Russia and Israel and anti-Semitic scandals

Note that few are indifferent to the war between Russia and Ukraine. And earlier, Moscow tried not to spoil relations with Tel Aviv, silently standing on the sidelines and not particularly commenting on the Russian invasion. But Lavrov betrayed “domestic anti-Semitism”, which is widespread in the Kremlin. Kremlin bosses do not confess it publicly, more in conversations with each other. Because of this everyday anti-Semitism, they have repeatedly fallen into scandals. For example, in 2018 the global community criticized Putin’s statement that the US interfered in the elections – not Russians, but Ukrainians, Tatars and Jews.

Vladimir Putin: "The United States interfered in the elections - not Russians, but Ukrainians, Tatars and Jews"

Vladimir Putin: “The United States interfered in the elections – not Russians, but Ukrainians, Tatars and Jews” / Photo: Kremlin website

In 2019, he was accused of anti-Semitism Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin Sergey Glazyevwho, in all seriousness, announced that Volodymyr Zelensky met with representatives of the Jewish community in Ukraine in order to develop a sinister plan to replace the Russian-speaking population of Donbass with Jews who are “tired of constant war in the Middle East.”

Despite, to put it mildly, the provocative statements of the Kremlin leadership, earlier Israel tried not to openly oppose the policies of Vladimir Putin, however, the anti-Semitic statements of Sergei Lavrov, representing Russia in the international arena, made on May 1, are an insult to the entire people of Israel and they can destroy the recently friendly relations between the two countries, going over to the side of the democratic West and the free world.

Pivot from Russia to Ukraine

The fact that Israel no longer takes a neutral position and will support Ukraine, in particular, is signaled by the reaction of the Israeli prime minister and the summons of the Russian ambassador to the Israeli Foreign Ministry. This is also evidenced by the statement of the American Jewish Committee.

“We have repeatedly spoken about the need for denazification – in Moscow, not in Kyiv”the organization stressed.

Made a tough statement Israeli Minister of Health, leader of the Meretz party Nitzan Horowitz.

“There is no neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine. Zelensky is not a Nazi. And yes, Israel supports the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine in the face of a brutal Russian invasion.”the official said.

Nitzan Horowitz: “Israel supports Ukraine’s independence in the face of brutal Russian invasion.” Photo: Flash90

Israeli journalist and historian, expert in Israel-Ukraine relations Shimon Briman notes that he was surprised by the quick and harsh reaction of the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Israel condemning Lavrov’s statement.

“Earlier, both Bennett and Lapid tried once again not to aggravate relations with Russia”– says “Today” Briman.

According to the expert, it is an important task for Israel to maintain cooperation with the Russian military in Syria in order to continue the freedom of action of Israeli aviation in the skies of Syria while destroying Iranian warehouses and convoys with weapons for terrorists.

“But Lavrov’s phrase so outraged both the political leadership of Israel and ordinary citizens that it was no longer possible to remain silent,” adds Briman.

According to him, over the past two weeks, there has been a trend in the cooling of relations between Israel and Russia.

“Moscow is defiantly attacking us with criticism. The Russian Foreign Ministry not only did not apologize for Lavrov’s anti-Semitic words, but also posted a message on its official channel today that “we now understand why the Israeli government supports the Nazi regime in Kyiv,” Briman notes.

The expert is sure that against the background of the aggravation of relations with Moscow, interaction between Jerusalem and Kyiv may improve.

“Israel-Ukraine relations are still very good. And they can get even better. The United States is putting pressure on Israel to provide Ukraine with much more serious assistance. According to the latest data from the Haaretz newspaper, the political leadership of Israel is now holding meetings on the forms of providing military assistance to Ukraine “If this happens, it will be a real breakthrough in relations between Kyiv and Jerusalem”Briman concluded.

Shimon Briman: “Israel’s leadership is holding meetings on providing assistance to Ukraine in the military sphere.” Photo: Facebook

Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in the Western Region of Ukraine Oleg Vishnyakov also notes that Israel, which is in conflict with a neighboring country – Syria, tried to maintain a balanced position in relations with Russia and Ukraine.

“After Russia, one might say, threw a stone at Israel, relations will certainly worsen. Israel’s top leadership has already condemned Lavrov’s absurd statement. At the same time, the whole world understands that calling Zelensky a Nazi is nonsense that only Russian audience”– says “Today” Vishnyakov.

He also notes that Israel is already helping Ukraine.

“A hospital has been opened in Ukraine, humanitarian programs are operating. We recently agreed to supply bulletproof vests and helmets for employees of the State Emergency Service and doctors. I think that after this scandal, Israel and Jews from all over the world will help Ukraine even more”– says Vishnyakov.

Oleg Vishnyakov: "Calling Zelensky a Nazi is nonsense that only the Russian audience can believe."  Photo: Facebook

Oleg Vishnyakov: “Calling Zelensky a Nazi is nonsense that only the Russian audience can believe.” Photo: Facebook

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Israel Yevhen Korniychuk also believes that Lavrov’s anti-Semitic expression played into the hands of Ukraine.

“The Israeli government already supports us – it provides humanitarian assistance, fully supports the sanctions. And Lavrov’s statements only play into the hands of Ukraine. Lavrov’s statement gives trump cards to Ukrainian diplomats”– Korniychuk emphasized.

Evgeny Korniychuk: “Lavrov’s statement gives trump cards to Ukrainian diplomats.” Photo: planeta.press

A change in Israel’s course is all the more likely, since the policy of neutrality towards Russia, which was pursued by Naftali Bennett, who hoped thereby to get the role of a mediator in the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, did not bring any result. The number of countries unfriendly to Putin is growing all the time. In the same way, support for Ukraine is growing every day.

Earlier, the site “Today” talked about the most shocking statements and obscene acts of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and other representatives of the Kremlin.


Source: Segodnya

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