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The Kremlin told whether Putin will introduce martial law in the Russian Federation

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Dmitry Peskov believes that the internal political situation in the country is stable

Dmitry Peskov revealed Putin’s plans for the introduction of martial law. Photo: collage “Today”

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The Kremlin said they were not going to introduce martial law in Russia. According to Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov, the internal political situation in the country is stable. He denied the information that the President of the Russian Federation plans to declare martial law.

It is reported by CNN.

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When asked if Putin plans to introduce martial law in Russia, Peskov replied:

“No, that’s not in the plans.”

The head of US intelligence revealed another cunning plan of Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s War in Ukraine will become “more unpredictable and escalatory” in the coming months. All due to the fact that the current potential of the Russian Armed Forces does not coincide with the ambitions of the head of Russia. Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes told Congress about this, writes CNN.

“The situation on the ground could increase the likelihood that President Putin will take more drastic measures, including imposing martial law, reorienting industrial production, or potentially escalating hostilities,” Haynes says.

According to her, Putin will not use nuclear weapons unless he feels that there is a threat to the existence of Russia. Haines also said that Putin’s goals extend far beyond the Donbass.

“Even if they succeed, we are not sure that the fighting in Donbas will actually end the war,” she said.

Putin wants to seize the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, take control of Kherson and potentially expand the land route to unrecognized Transnistria. However, the intelligence community believes that in order to reach Transnistria, the head of the Russian Federation will need to conduct a full mobilization inside Russia, which he has not yet undertaken.

“Because both Russia and Ukraine believe they can continue to make progress militarily, we do not see a viable negotiating path, at least in the short term,” Haynes said.

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Source: Segodnya

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