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    US convenes “Ramstein-2” on the defense of Ukraine – what and when will be discussed

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    Before the meeting, Loyd Austin will talk with the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov


    The Rammstein group of countries will hold a new meeting on the defense of Ukraine. Photo: RBC-Ukraine, collage “Today”

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    On Monday, May 23 group of countries of the Rammstein format will hold a meeting on the defense of Ukraine. More than 40 countries will take part in the meeting of the group. The full list of participants will be ready in due course.

    This was announced by the speaker of the US Department of Defense John Kirby.

    “They will come together to provide security assistance to Ukraine and discuss what it will look like in the future,” Kirby said.

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    According to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the group will hold such meetings monthly. And some countries that did not attend the previous similar event in April expressed interest in participating.

    Prior to the meeting, Austin will speak with Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov to discuss Ukraine’s military needs. The Secretary of State will also discuss the latest tranche of security assistance that the United States will send to Ukraine.

    At the meeting, Reznikov will provide an update on the battlefield and discuss what Ukraine needs to move forward. The members of the contact group will discuss how they can best use these opportunities.

    Aid of $40 billion: what Ukraine will spend money from the US

    Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the United States has begun to actively provide our state with new financial assistance. The $40 billion transfer bill has already been approved by the US House of Representatives. Now it must be approved by the Senate.

    According to Reuters, the aid is not limited to the army. What will these funds be used for?

    Aid military, economic and humanitarian

    According to the bill, $40 billion is planned to be distributed as follows. $6 billion will be directed to Ukrainian military training, equipment and weapons.

    $8.7 billion will go to support for the Ukrainian economy, as well as replenishment of American equipment sent to Ukraine.

    Another $3.9 billion will be sent on the activities of the US contingent in Europe and intelligence.

    In addition, the law allows for an additional $11 billion in the President’s Withdrawal Authority, allowing Biden to release aid without congressional approval in response to an emergency. According to the publication, Biden asked for $5 billion.

    Ukraine will also be provided $5 billion in humanitarian aid including to resolve the food crisis in the world.

    “The project provides hundreds of millions of dollars to help refugees and fund efforts to seize the assets of oligarchs associated with Russian President Vladimir Putin,” – noted in the publication.

    Another $600 million is provided for US industry, $500 million will go to Ukraine’s energy and economic needs, and $400 million to investigate war crimes.

    Support will be provided not only to Ukraine. $4 billion will go to finance the states that provided us with various types of assistance, including military, and which also felt the consequences of the war.


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