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Putin was covered by an avalanche of failures. What Western media write about the war in Ukraine

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Website “Today” offers an overview of the world’s mass media

Putin is failing in the war with Ukraine. / Photo: Collage: Today

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President Vladimir Putin, by starting a war in Ukraine, tried to prove to the world that Russia is a “first-class state.” But he presented his country as “third grade”. And after a series of failures, he narrowed his goals and realizes that the prospect of winning this war is slowly fading away.

The site “Today” offers an overview of the Western mass media.

Putin is isolated

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The British newspaper The Telegraf writes that Putin is now the loneliest person on earth. Three months ago, he invaded Ukraine to prove that Russia is still a “first class state.” But rather showed her “third grade”. Putin’s claims to be a political “genius” (as Donald Trump foolishly called him) are belied by his near-total isolation. He counted on the success of his “divide and conquer” tactics. But he united the West against him, and the Ukrainians are putting up strong resistance.

Russia has almost no chance of winning the war

The Washington Post writes that Russia is trying to increase pressure on the front as the prospects of victory are fading further and further. The Russian military is trying to rebuild its continuous offensive in Ukraine by breaking up combat units into smaller formations and doubling down on its reliance on artillery and other long-range weapons. The change comes nearly three months after Russian and US officials predicted a “soon and decisive victory” for Moscow. After the deaths of thousands of Russian soldiers and an avalanche of failures from the very beginning Putin narrowed his campaign goals.

US aid and Russian oligarchs’ yachts

The American newspaper The Wall Street Journal writes that the new law on assistance to Ukraine for $40 billion, which was signed the day before by President Joe Biden, among other things, provides for $67 million to cover the costs of the seizure and sale of confiscated propertysuch as the yachts of Russian oligarchs or works of art

US expects deblockade of Ukrainian ports

The New York Times writes that the US aid package to Ukraine is the largest in a decade. military aid can contribute to the removal of blockades from portsthe restoration of Ukrainian exports and lead to lower food prices

Russia loses drones due to sanctions

British news agency Reuters writes that Russia feels lack of reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which she tried to use to identify targets hit by combat aircraft or artillery. The shortage is exacerbated by restrictions on its domestic production capacity due to sanctions.

Earlier, the Segodnya website reported that Vladimir Putin might ask for talks with Ukraine in the near future.

For his part, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that now the goals of negotiations with the enemy are changing. But if such a meeting takes place, the issues of exchange, de-occupation and the end of the war will be decided.

Source: Segodnya

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