India: severe storm in Delhi, inconvenience also to air traffic

A strong storm, accompanied by gusts of wind that ran from 50 to 75 kilometers per hour, caused the temperature in the Indian capital to plummet at dawn, which dropped from 35 yesterday to 17 this morning.
The damage toll throughout the city was heavy: many houses in the most precarious areas found themselves with the roof unrooted, hundreds of trees uprooted, dozens of areas without electricity, large puddles, traffic jams on the roads almost everywhere.
Air traffic was also heavily affected by the storm, which delayed all flights departing from Indira Gandhi International Airport.
Confirming yet another extreme weather event, the weather forecast agency SkyMet points out that this morning’s minimum temperature was the lowest ever recorded in the capital in ten years. The “cold” record for the month of May was observed in DElhi in 1982, with 15.2 degrees centigrade.

Source: Ansa

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