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Lebanon: the lira loses value and the power plant stops

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Ten days after the legislative elections of May 15, the signs of the expected deterioration of the socio-economic situation are revealed in Lebanon afflicted by the worst financial crisis in its history.
As reported today by the Beirut media, the local lira broke a new negative record against the US dollar (1 greenback now costs 33 thousand lire). And one of the two main power plants that of Deir Ammar, stops working today due to a lack of fuel.
In Lebanon, where, according to the UN, 80% of residents live in poverty, the managers of gas cylinder filling stations – in a country where there is no domestic and industrial gas distribution network – keep the factories down to exert pressure on the government in the negotiation of subsidies to the sector.
Still in the tug-of-war between strategic service sectors and the authorities, the pharmacies continue their lockout until tomorrow, while the private hospitals will go on strike on Friday, ensuring only urgent operations and dialysis sessions.
For decades, these have replaced dilapidated and low-skilled public hospitals, imposing ever higher and dollar costs on all those who can still afford private health insurance or who have heavy currency availability.

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Source: Ansa

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