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Ukrainian flag hoisted on Putin in Kyrgyzstan (video)

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At the peak of Putin – the flag of Ukraine / Photo: Collage: Today

The Ukrainian flag appeared in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan at the peak named after Vladimir Putin. It was installed by unnamed climbers. The video was posted on Twitter by a user with the nickname “Climber with a branch.”

“If there is a P * tin peak and a Ukrainian flag in the world, then their meeting is inevitable. Some hooligans brought and hung up, we have no idea who,” she wrote.

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The peak with a height of 4446 meters is located in the Tien Shan mountain system in Kyrgyzstan, located on the territory of the Chui region. Named after Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in 2011, before that it was unnamed.

Flag of Ukraine on Everest and in space

Recall, on May 12, Antonina Samoilova from Kiev raised the Ukrainian flag to the highest mountain in the world – Chomolungma (local name – Ed.), Also known as Everest.

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In April, space tourist Professor Jim Kitchen, who went on a suborbital flight on the New Shepard spacecraft on March 31, took with him a symbol of support for Ukraine – a blue and yellow flag. He put the flag in his passport, which he took on a flight, and then took it out when, along with other crew members, he hovered in zero gravity.

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