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Bunker grandfather is afraid of everyone? The “wounded soldier” in the video with Putin from the hospital turned out to be a FSO officer

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The network laughed at Putin’s visit to the hospital

The “wounded soldier” was identified as a participant in another video with Putin / Photo: Collage: Today

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A recent video of Russian President Vladimir Putin visiting wounded soldiers in a hospital could be staged. One of the participants in the video previously appeared in other videos with the Russian dictator. This is reported by Medialeaks.

The video aroused suspicion among the viewers, as the military looked too healthy for the victims. There are no bandages or dressings on them. It is assumed that they could be figureheads in the execution of the FSO or the FSB.

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Commentators also noticed that the wards look uninhabited – there is nothing on the beds except pillows and sheets. The wounded themselves greeted the president at attention. The users also laughed at the fact that the “soldiers” could be selected according to their height so that they would not look taller than the undersized Putin.

“Did you notice that the actors are selected exclusively by dwarfs, so that they are at the same level as Putin, or lower?” commentators write.

The sight of Putin himself was also surprising: he looked heavily hunched over, probably because of the bulletproof vest worn under the medical gown.

At least one of the “wounded Russian soldiers” allegedly previously played the role of a worker at the Chelyabinsk compressor plant in a video meeting with Putin.

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Source: Segodnya

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