Donald Trump’s comments shock some Houstonians

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3:09 p.m., May 29, 2022

After the demonstrations in front of the Houston congress in recent days, calm has returned to the second city of Texas, despite the holding of the convention of the NRA (National Rifle Association), the powerful pro-gun lobby. Until a few hours ago, hundreds of demonstrators lined up outside Congress to protest the free flow of guns in the United States.

But four days after the massacre in a Texas primary school, where 21 people including 19 children lost their lives, the holding of the congress leaves a bitter taste for some residents of the city. “I don’t like guns. I don’t think there should be that many and the answer to the problems is more guns,” Jenny says, referring to Donald Trump’s comments there. a few days ago. Invited by the NRA in Houston, the former president of the United States proposed to arm the citizens a little more to fight “evil”.

“Enough” of the weapon cult

The 45th president of the country also proposed to arm the teachers, to better fight against the killings in the American schools. An idea that does not convince in the teaching staff. “How am I supposed to take care of my students, protect them by putting them in a safe place and at the same time shoot someone?” asks Cooper, a teacher.

In this Houston park, families have been gathering for the past few days to enjoy the sun. And among the young parents present on the spot, the question of the free movement of arms is also gaining momentum. “You always hear, ‘freedom of speech, freedom to have my gun’. But, I don’t think they understand that with any freedom, there are responsibilities,” Bones said. “have had enough” of the cult of the gun.

“We need to have stricter laws”

An opinion shared by James, a former soldier, present a few steps away: “As President Biden said, we must have stricter laws. People have the right to have weapons, but civilians should not buy automatic weapons”, judges this former voter of Trump.

Joe Biden will travel to Texas today. He will go to the bedside of the victims of the families of the tragedy at Robb Elementary School, where 21 people died. A visit under the sign of emotion, where the president should speak again on gun control.

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