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Poland launches a hotline for Ukrainian refugees

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Specialists will help refugees from Ukraine who have found refuge in a neighboring country

Ukrainians can ask for help / Photo: collage: “Today”

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The office of the Polish Ombudsman for Children announced the creation telephone line to support Ukrainian refugees.

It is reported by Onet.pl.


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The Ombudsman’s statement says that interest in psychological and legal assistance in Ukrainian is now very high. For such assistance, a telephone hotline is being launched. 800-12-12-12, where psychologists who speak Ukrainian are on duty. It works for both children and teenagers and parents. Psychological assistance can also be obtained in Russian.

As noted in the statement, in this way the specialists of the Ombudsman’s office help refugees from Ukraine who have found asylum in Poland.

Hotline for cancer patients

Due to the attack of the Russian Federation, the access of cancer patients to the necessary medical services and medicines has become very difficult. Created to help people hotline for consultation of cancer patients and their relatives in the Kiev City Clinical Cancer Center.

You can call the number (044) 365 07 62 daily from 10:00 to 13:00. There are 20 beds in the outpatient clinic and the chemotherapy department – you can call and find out if there are any free places at the moment. Help and treatment are free. There is also a palliative department with 20 beds for incurable cancer patients.

Even cancer patients can get help and treatment in one of these clinics – the list was published by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The department reports that due to regular shelling by Rashists in some medical facilities, it is impossible to provide assistance to patients struggling with cancer.

Therefore, if you urgently need specialized treatment (chemotherapy, etc.), it is better to look for clinics and hospitals in areas where there is no active fighting. European associations also provide assistance to cancer patients, you can follow the information in a special telegram channel.

Source: Segodnya

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