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Yemen: first plane for Cairo took off in six years

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(ANSAMed) – BEIRUT, JUN 01 – For the first time in six years, a plane of the Yemeni national airline took off today from the capital Sanaa, in the hands of pro-Iranian insurgents, for Cairo, Egypt, as part of a military truce in the ongoing conflict in Yemen since 2015.

The truce, which entered into force on April 2, will expire tomorrow even if talks are underway between the parties, with the mediation of the UN, to agree on an extension of the suspension of war activities. Diplomatic sources say there is little chance of the truce being extended.

The plane departed with 77 passengers from Sanaa International Airport, which has been effectively closed to air traffic since 2014. It is the seventh scheduled flight from Sanaa since the beginning of the truce.

This, in addition to the interruption of armed attacks, provides for a series of measures aimed both at alleviating the suffering of the population, affected by a conflict that has so far killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, and at laying the foundations for creating a climate of trust between parts.

The conflict in Yemen has been fought since 2015 between Yemeni Huthi insurgents, backed by Iran, and loyalist forces backed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

According to the UN, the war in Yemen has caused one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes on the planet. (ANSAMed).

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Source: Ansa

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