Platinum Jubilee: Hurray to the queen from a sea of ​​crowds

(ANSA) – LONDON, 02 JUN – Highly emotional closure of the event that today sealed the culmination of the public celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee of the 70 years of the reign of Elizabeth II. The 96-year-old sovereign, in a sugar-blue dress signed by Angela Kelly, was greeted by repeated cheers from an overflowing crowd that gathered at the end of the Trooping of Color parade in front of Buckingham Palace and along the Mall avenue to pay homage again. once to the longest-lived sovereign in British history: returned to be seen for the most important occasion after months of semi-isolation and repetitive forfeits.

The queen showed herself smiling and touched, behind the smoked lenses, by the enormous manifestation of affection of the subjects who flocked in a union Jack jubilation, she lingered with her gaze on the human tide that invoked her before returning from the balcony into the palace. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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