In 3 years there will be no Russian Federation! Russian general admitted defeat in the war

Mikhail Sheitelman said that the history of Russia will end earlier

Mikhail Sheitelman explained what would happen if Russia did not stop the war in Ukraine. / Photo: Collage: Today

Russia’s plan to “quickly capture” our country failed long ago – Ukraine has been fighting against the Russian occupiers for the 103rd day. In Russia itself, moods were gradually changing every day, and, for example, not so long ago, Colonel-General of the Russian Federation Vladimir Shamanov generally stated that “the operation to demilitarize and denazify” Ukraine could take from five to ten years.

Political strategist and writer Mykhailo Sheitelman said this in an interview with host Anna Stepanets on the Ukraine 24 YouTube channel.

“A child can plan like that”

According to him, there really were such wars in the world that lasted for decades:

“It must be said that they all ended in the same way – that the attacking side – regardless of whether this attack, as in the case of Russia, was not provoked by anything, just from scratch, or even if the attacking side had some reason “If it’s stuck, then it’s stuck. It can’t end in victory.”

Mikhail Sheitelman also said that since a person like Shamanov talks about a period of 5-10 years, this means that Russia has already lost:

“That’s for sure. The fact that victory cannot be won in 5-10 years … If you planned that you would win the war in 10 years … Can you imagine this? I.e. you decided, for example – I I want to learn something, and the plan – in 10 years I want to learn. “I want to do something in 10 years.” Well, a child can plan like that. You can become a doctor in 10 years – this is understandable. But “I I will build and will build for 10 years” – what is it? According to Elon Musk’s plan, in 10 years you can fly to Mars, and not “demilitarize” Ukraine.

In addition, he noted that there are long-term plans:

“For example, I was in the UAE – there is a plan to build a city on Mars, which will be part of the UAE. Here, even a little more than 10 years – 50. But the city on Mars, and not the “demilitarization” of Ukraine. Therefore, since people say this “, this means that they have already surrendered. Any military understands that if the plan is for 10 years, then this is already a defeat.”

At the same time, the political strategist said that Russia does not have 10 years of resources, and its history will end earlier:

“If Russia does not stop this war and does not change, including in the state, the formation, then it simply does not have 10 years. We will not have anyone to fight – not only in 10, but also in 5 and 3 years for Ukraine there will be no one to fight with, because there will be no Russia. Europe has imposed sanctions. We see them and understand what this means for Russia – the end of its economy. And not in the perspective of 10 years, but much faster.”

Recall that the population of Russia will decline even faster – demographers expect a drop in the birth rate due to the war and the economic crisis. According to Rosstat, the first quarter of 2022 was marked by a five percent drop in the birth rate compared to last year.


Source: Segodnya

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