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Via ‘War and Peace’ from schools, anti-mine course arrives

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(by Maria Tornielli) (ANSA) – ROME, JUN 07 – Enough with ‘War and Peace’: the work of Tolstoy that celebrates the Russian army is banned from Ukrainian schools that review the programs and update them in times of war. Also including practical anti-mine courses in the programs and rewriting the history books. The conflict has also changed the rules between the desks and students and has prompted a revision of subjects and texts, announced the Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Andriy Vitrenko, speaking on the country’s televisions.

Practical aspects of the “defense of the homeland”, the exclusion of texts celebrating the Russian army and new perspectives on the teaching of history: these are the central points of the work developed by groups of specialists and which must be presented by 15 June.

Among the priorities, explained Vitrienko, as reported by the Ukrinform agency, there is the “strengthening of practical orientation” in teaching the defense of the homeland, to face the emergencies created by the Russian invasion. “There will be a block on mine actions – said the deputy minister – to make children aware of the fact that they cannot be touched and that they are dangerous”. The classic novel by Tolstoy, ‘War and Peace’, will probably disappear from the classroom “will not be studied in Ukraine. Anything that sings about the exploits of the orc troops will disappear from foreign literature programs,” Vitrienko said. More generally, “the discussion is still ongoing” on the permanence of Russian authors in the programs. What is certain is that the literature program will be updated.

The deputy minister also anticipated changes in the methodology of teaching history: “The relationship between the Ukrainian nation and the Russian empire will be written on the basis of historical truth”. The Ministry of Education is considering publishing new textbooks. And they are trying to find places to use as air-raid shelters for students. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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