Gb: Blair and Camilla join the Order of the Garter

(ANSA) – LONDON, JUN 13 – Official ceremony today at Windsor Castle for the delivery of the traditional royal New Year’s honors granted, among other things, to Tony Blair at the beginning of the year.

The former Labor premier received – with considerable delay compared to the times generally reserved for an emeritus head of government, perhaps due to his not always idyllic relations in the past with Queen Elizabeth – both the knighthood with the right to the title of sir, and inclusion in the council of the Order of the Garter: supreme assembly of honorary advisers to the crown.

The delivery was inserted on the sidelines of the annual procession in the chapel of San Giorgio which celebrates the Order of the Garter itself. Procession also marked by a new defection of the 96-year-old sovereign whose absence was justified by sources close to Buckingham Palace once again with the mobility problems recently confessed by her Majesty. While Prince Andrew, already excluded from the representative positions of the monarchy due to his involvement in the US in the suspicions of the Epstein sex scandal, was also declared absent from the procession, but allowed to participate in a subsequent private banquet: still being a member by right of the Order like all the Queen’s children.

In addition to Blair, both the Duchess of Cornwall, wife of the heir to the throne Charles, and Baroness Valerie Amos, former diplomat and politician, enter the Order of the Garter – at the top of the long list of people decorated on New Year’s Eve for various merits. British of Caribbean origin, formerly a senior UN official. The recognition to Camilla was a seal to the public endorsement declared months ago by Elizabeth II of her to her designation as queen consort when the crown will pass to Charles. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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