Usa: Sarah Palin running for seat in Alaska

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, JUN 13 – Sarah Palin still protagonist: back on the field after more than 10 years with the blessing of Donald Trump, the former star of the US right, already nominated for vice president with John McCain, reached the top of the primary in Alaska for his state’s only seat in the US House, which became vacant following the recent death of Republican Don Young.

Only the first four of the 48 candidates will go to the vote in August, after a challenge that saw everyone competing together, without distinction of political affiliation: Palin reached almost 30%, the dem Nick Begich (scion of a political dynasty of the Alaska) 19.3%, the independent Al Gross (a surgeon and fish trader who ran for the Senate two years ago) 12.5% ​​and the dem Mary S. Peltola (a former state congressman) the 7.5%.

Santa Claus, a Santa Claus-like-looking candidate, North Pole city councilor and fan of socialist Bernie Sanders, didn’t make it by a whisker.


Source: Ansa

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