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The United States is ready to support the union of Ukraine, Great Britain, Poland and the Baltic states

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The United States of America is interested in strengthening the capabilities of the North Atlantic Alliance

The US is not against a new union in Europe / Photo: collage: “Today”

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The United States is interested in strengthening NATO’s capabilities and is ready to favor regional initiatives, in particular association Great Britain, Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic States in a separate union.

Julianne Smith, Permanent Representative of the United States to NATO, said this, Ukrinform reports.


“We support initiatives that help build capacity (in Europe – ed.),” Smith said.

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According to her, over the past many years there have been initiatives to create such “mini-format” alliances, in particular, in the field of defense.

“So, if NATO members are divided into partnership formats or certain groups to help build capacity and collective efforts to strengthen the Alliance, we would like to support this,” the US ambassador said.

Smith added that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, in which she represents the US, is also interested in strengthening its eastern flank.

British proposal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson proposes to create alliance of statesdefending their national sovereignty, liberal in the economy and determined, to the extreme intransigence, against the military threat of Moscow.

The Kyiv authorities, for their part, have not taken a clear position in relation to the British initiative, but so far they are not rejecting it in the bud. The Ukrainian elite has become convinced that there is little hope in Germany and France that Vladimir Putin will be defeated, as evidenced by the delays in sanctions and weapons to be provided. Therefore, Zelensky is waiting for the EU summit on June 23, when the leaders of 27 countries are calling for a decision on whether to give Ukraine the status of a “candidate” for the official start of negotiations on joining the European Union.

If summit attendees limit themselves to a vague statement that “Kyiv has a European perspective,” then Zelensky will take Johnson’s alternative proposal more seriously.

Former site “Today” informedthat the deputy head of the EC called the terms for Ukraine’s entry into the European Union. In addition, we wrotewhy Ukraine needs the EU right now.

Source: Segodnya

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