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Macron proposes new alliance to Europe – document

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The French leader came up with a new political community for states that share a common set of democratic values

Emmanuel Macron. Photo: collage “Today”

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France proposed a vision of a new “community” for all of Europe.

Radio Liberty published a copy of the document.

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What is it about?

  • The new political community will be open to European states that share a common set of democratic values, regardless of EU membership or the nature of their current relationship with the bloc.
  • The document states that this proposal is not a “replacement” or “alternative” to the EU enlargement policy and will not replace other political bodies such as the Council of Europe or the OSCE
  • The proposal provides for a “light legal structure” with decision-making power that meets several times a year at the levels of heads of state, government and ministers

The proposal will be discussed by the EU heads of state at a summit in Brussels on July 23-24. The summit will also consider the withdrawal of the European Commission on the applications for membership of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

According to several RFE/RL sources, the commission intends to recommend granting candidate status with some conditions, at least for Ukraine and Moldova, although not all 27 EU member states are likely to support this recommendation.

Note that French President Emmanuel Macron first proposed the idea in May, and the document is an initial look at a concept aimed at offering Ukraine and other non-EU states greater protection against the backdrop of a full-scale war launched by Russia in late February.

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Source: Segodnya

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