Xi celebrates his birthday and Putin’s phone call arrives

(ANSA) – BEIJING, June 16 – Chinese President Xi Jinping celebrated his 69th birthday today by receiving a phone call from his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, useful for demonstrating “unlimited” friendship and a partnership, as defined on the 4th last February in their joint declaration, which has no “prohibited areas of cooperation”.

In the official media, however, there is growing praise for the work of the Chinese president, ever closer to securing an unprecedented and rare third term at the helm of the Communist Party at the year-end congress. Since the end of May, the Xinhua News Agency has published numerous articles covering key moments in Xi’s life, including how he adapted to a humble, rural life during his youth in the chaos of the Great Cultural Revolution. Helmsman, Mao Zedong.

On June 2, however, the People’s Daily published a front page article noting Xi’s value as head of the CCP since 2012, including his responses to the Covid-19 pandemic and the 2019 pro-democracy riots in Hong Kong. .


Source: Ansa

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