Colombia: polls open for a historic ballot

(ANSA) – BOGOTÁ, JUN 19 – The seats in Colombia opened at 8 (15 Italian) for a historic ballot between the left-wing senator Gustavo Petro and the independent conservative Rodolfo Hernández, vying to succeed for the period 2022 -2026 to outgoing president Iván Duque.

About 40 million eligible voters will be able to deposit their preference in the polls until 4 pm (11 pm Italian time), for an appointment that, whatever the result, will put an end to 200 years of conservative-liberal ‘imperfect bipartisanism’.

The pollsters were unable to indicate a real favorite of the vote, the two candidates being within a range of technical parity.

However, if, after midnight in Italy, a victory by Petro, leader of the Pacto Histórico emerges, it would be the first time that the left assumes the presidency of Colombia, the main ally of the United States in Latin America. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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