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Pope advised pilgrims to think about Ukraine every day

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The Pontiff urged not to forget about the Ukrainian people

The Pope addressed the pilgrims about Ukraine. Photo: collage “Today”

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Pope Francis, while communicating with the pilgrims, urged them to think about what each of them is doing for Ukraine now.

It is reported by Vatican News.

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“And at this moment, let’s not forget about the long-suffering Ukrainian people, the suffering people. I want all of you to ask yourself the question: what am I doing today for the Ukrainian people? Do I pray? Do I make any efforts? Do I try to understand? What am I today do for the Ukrainian people? Let everyone answer in his heart”– he said.

The Pope is criticized amid the war in Ukraine

Pope Francis during the Easter service he addressed the Ukrainians. He stated that prayers for our people are heard all over the world. At the same time, the Pope did not call on Russia to stop the war in Ukraine.

“We all pray, pray with you and for you this night. We pray because of the many sufferings. We can only offer you friendship, pray for you and say: “Hold on! We are with you!” And also to tell you the greatest thing that is celebrated today: “Christ is risen!” – said the Pope.

He uttered the words “Christ is Risen” in Ukrainian.

In addition, the Vatican announced in advance that during the XIII Stand, a Russian woman and a Ukrainian woman would jointly hold the cross as a symbol of “reconciliation of peoples.”

Despite the sharp criticism of Ukraine, the Vatican decided not to cancel its plan, as requested in Ukraine. The scandalous procession took place in Rome on 15 April. The Ukrainians did not approve of it.

Former site “Today” informedthat the Pope made an ambiguous statement about his visit to Ukraine. In addition, we wrotethat the Pope met with the wives of the Azovstal soldiers.

Source: Segodnya

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