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Colombia: Eln guerrillas, with Petro ready for a peace process

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(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 21 – The Colombian guerrilla group of the National Liberation Army (ELN) has declared “its full willingness to move forward” in a peace process with the Colombian government following the victory of Gustavo Petro at presidential elections in the country.

“The ELN maintains its system of political and military struggle and resistance, but also its full willingness to advance in a peace process that gives continuity to the talks started in Quito in February 2017”, said the armed group. in a note quoted by the newspaper El Espectador.

The dialogue process, which began with the government of Juan Manuel Santos, was interrupted by President Iván Duque in 2019 after the guerrilla group attacked a police cadet school in Bogotá with a car bomb, killing 23.

In the document, the ELN issues a warning to Petro: “If the president-elect takes office on August 7 to make the changes that will lead us to overcome cronyism and remove violence from politics, make progress in social inclusion plans that include employment and entrepreneurship, a land reform plan, a new model to fight drugs and give continuity to the peace process, Colombia will have a government supported by the popular movement, But if it takes office to do the same things, it will have people in the streets “.

During the election campaign, Gustavo Petro has stated on several occasions that he is willing to resume talks with the ELN guerrillas. The president-elect included in his government program a proposal to peacefully dismantle “the successor groups of paramilitarism and those linked to drug trafficking”. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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