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    Medvedev threatened Moldova with a big war and cutting off gas

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    Chisinau was also warned about the insidious plans of Romania

    Maia Sandu won’t even answer this / “Today” collage

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    As international criminal Vladimir Putin struggles in front of the cameras to demonstrate his capacity at a meeting with Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev decided to scare EU candidate Moldova in response to the desire of this independent country to join European sanctions.

    Medvedev wrote a whole article on this subject on his Telegram channel.

    It’s gone…

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    The devaluation of Moldovan statehood, which has gained speed, follows Ukrainian patterns – hatred of our country is put at the forefront. An ugly law was adopted banning the St. George ribbon, symbolizing the victory over Nazism, the Russian media are being eradicated, objectionable opposition leaders are thrown behind bars under far-fetched pretexts‘ Dimon protested.

    Then he turned to threats in case Chisinau joins the all-European sanctions against his bloody Federation.

    Now they ran ahead of the locomotive. Trying to please their new masters, not being in the EU, they are ready to join the European sanctions against our country. Well. Let them try. Then they can be 100% sure that they will not receive from us not only “expensive” energy and other resources, but none at all. Let them enjoy the sanctions before they get into the EU… Do ordinary citizens of Moldova need this: Moldovans, Russians, Ukrainians? They weren’t promised anything. Except perhaps the ephemeral “European perspectives” in the status of a candidate for the EU. That is, insanely expensive energy resources and the final loss of the Russian market for Moldovan vegetables, fruits and wine. And of course, the high European prices in the stores of not at all rich Moldova“- threatened and threatened Medvedev.

    Romania is waiting

    Medvedev also voiced the old song that Romania dreams of absorbing Moldova, which is what awaits this country instead of joining the EU on its own.

    “Another way of obtaining membership in the European Union is becoming much more relevant: the creation of a new Greater Romania (Romania Mare). Romanian politicians have long been leading political round dances around Moldova. And now literally. The deputies completed the first ever joint meeting of the parliaments of Moldova and Romania with a dance, holding hands. It looked very funny. But the consequences could be much less funny.”– warned the former president of the Russian Federation.

    In this matter, there was also a threat from Dimon. “And the final touch about Romania Mare. If a serious mess begins around the Anschluss of Moldova by Romania, it should be borne in mind that about 220 thousand Russian citizens live in Transnistria”, – he said. True, he did not specify whether the Russian army, which has officially lost almost 35,000 of its warriors in Ukraine, including the highest command staff, will pull another front.

    Dimon’s nonsense

    • Not so long ago, Medvedev was thinking about whether there would be negotiations between Ukraine and Russia and made a reservation that it was not a fact that he would negotiate with whom, which was immediately regarded as the author’s forecast for the collapse of the Russian Federation by August.
    • On June 16, Medvedev spoke about the arrival in Ukraine of the leaders of France, Italy, Germany and Romania. For some reason he did not like this visit.
    • Even earlier, Medvedev promised to “destroy the bastards and geeks.” True, he did not specify who he had in mind.
    • German diplomat and new head of the Munich Security Conference Christoph Heusgen assessed the current statements of former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. According to the German diplomat, today Medvedev is a clown.

    Source: Segodnya

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