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    URGENT: Giant 11-foot alligator kills victim after ripping them off Myrtle Beach lagoon side

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    A giant 11-foot-tall alligator hijacked a South Carolina pond on Friday, killing the victim; one of the residents claims that the victim was kidnapped while cutting the grass around the pond, which the residents’ association refused to cut.

    Officials with the Horry County Fire Department said they were initially called to the Myrtle Beach Golf and Yacht Club site for an incident with the public swimming pool water.

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    When they arrived at around 11:45 am, police spokesman Mikhail Moscow said: “Departments have determined that the alligator caught up with a neighbor and retreated to a nearby lake.”

    The victim was near the pool when she was pulled out, according to Horizon County police, and was pulled out of the pool as soon as she arrived.

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    The The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and its alligator disposal service injected the animal with euthanasia on site.

    Firefighters were called to the Myrtle Beach Golf and Yacht Club site Friday morning for an incident in the water, and when they arrived at the scene, they found an unknown victim in a pool filled with alligators.

    Authorities say residents and travelers in the area are not in danger.

    One resident wrote on Facebook that the incident occurred after the condo refused to mow the grass around the ponds and said residents had been asking for traps to be placed for years.

    “The reason this happened is that the HOA refused to cut the grass around the pond. [so] The owner of the house went there and took care of it,” Trea Donohe wrote in her Facebook group. “And so it happened.”

    An investigation is underway into the death of an unidentified victim, and Horry County Vice President Tamara Willard said the court office will release additional information about the case on Monday.

    “Our hearts go out to the families and community members affected by this tragic incident,” police said in a statement.

    Resident Jason Repack tweeted last week that he saw alligators in the public pool

    Resident Jason Repack tweeted last week that he saw alligators in the public pool

    Alligators have watched this area for years.

    On May 8, resident Jason Repack tweeted a photo of an alligator coming out of the pool and joking that three alligators had to flee to a nearby alligator zoo.

    But after the fatal news on Friday, he responded on his Twitter account writing: “I could not have imagined that this was probably one of the alligators that would later kill a man.

    “My prayers and my heart go out to the family as my hands wrap around my children and dogs near these pools.”

    She said MyHorryNews That there are multiple 12- to 14-foot tall dispensers in the housing pool, which explains why there’s a two-way path between the pool where the incident took place on Friday and another back-up pool behind it.

    Alligators often cross this trail.

    He said the dog is always cautious in that area when walking.

    “We were never close to them,” he said. “When we walk the dogs near this pool, we walk among them. We don’t take them along this coast because you just don’t know where they’re hiding.

    According to him, all the residents “have always treated the caimans with healthy respect and almost as part of the community.

    “It’s just a tragedy that no one expected.”

    Source: Daily Mail

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