Gb: BoJo denies media boatos on early voting hypothesis

(ANSA) – LONDON, JUL 01 – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in search of a recovery of consensus after the scandals and controversies that have endangered his chair in recent months, denies that he is waiting for the right moment to evaluate an early call of the political elections, before the natural expiry of the legislature at the end of 2024. The denial came this morning during an interview with Lbc radio granted on his return from a long tour abroad that kept him out of the Kingdom for a week: before for the meeting of Commonwealth leaders in Rwanda, then for the G7 in Germany and then for the NATO summit in Spain.

Answering a specific question, Johnson branded the hypothesis as “totally, totally” ridiculous. Reiterating a denial made also in the recent past, but then not repeated so clearly on the sidelines of a press conference in Madrid, yesterday, when – pressed by his home reporters about it – he had limited himself to glossing over. “My job now is to think about the future of the UK, solve the cost of living crisis (pushed up by inflation), carry out our plans to make the UK economy stronger,” he cut short.

Prime Minister Tory then went back to stressing that he has no intention of resigning, despite the Partygate queues or other suspicions of scandal, insisting on “implementing the program” of government and indicating as a priority that of “leveling” the inequalities between the territories of the island.


Source: Ansa

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