Libya: protesters attack the parliament in Tobruk

(ANSA) – TRIPOLI, 01 JUL – High tension in Libya. A group of demonstrators stormed the Parliament building in Tobruk to protest the deterioration of living conditions and the political deadlock. Several TV stations claimed that the protesters entered the building and carried out looting.

The images showed thick columns of black smoke rising from the perimeter of the building after young demonstrators burned tires. According to other reports, documents were burned inside the building.

This afternoon, demonstrations were organized in the cities of Misrata and Tobruk, coinciding with a similar march in Tripoli, to denounce the deterioration of living conditions, to protest against the political forces that paralyze the country and to call for elections as soon as possible. referred to the Wasat.

Protesters in Misrata and Tobruk particularly denounced the crisis of power outages which have worsened recently without successive governments being able to find a solution. In Tobruk, dozens of young people gathered in front of the House of Representatives building in the eastern part of the city and set fire to some tires. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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