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The Governor of Bryansk scared the residents with a group of UAV drones that no one else saw

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Residents of the region began to doubt the adequacy of the official

As night approaches, Alexander Bogomaz begins to scare the children of the Armed Forces of Ukraine / Collage “Today”

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The evening brought new pops to the Bryansk region of the terrorist country of Russia. The local governor noticed Ukrainian drones in the sky.

The governor of the Bryansk region Alexander Bogomaz announced this on his telegram channel.

What is known

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Today, Ukrainian drones entered the airspace of our region twice. In the afternoon, a drone fired at a border post in the village of Chernozemny and a gas station in the village of Novye Yurkovichi, Klimovsky district. There were no casualties or injuries, and civilian objects were not damaged. The gas station has roof damage. Operational services carry out all necessary activities. According to preliminary information, an unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down by means of air defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation at around 15:00 in the Karachevsky region. The military and security forces are on the scene. No injuries or damage“, Bogomaz reported.

True, as evidence of the arrival of Ukrainian drones, he showed several fragments of unknown origin. Nothing significant to resemble an aircraft, the governor did not provide.


Residents of the region did not notice anything at all and began to express doubts about the Ukrainian trace and the adequacy of the chief.

Maybe the local kids were playing with a copter… I can imagine a joke – you launch a toy and then they plow it from air defense, and for epicness it would not hurt if the square was covered with hail ...”, – Alexander Sychev commented on the “terrible” message of the governor in a telegram.

On a straight line from the border to Karachev 120 km. Flight range limit. And he still needs to come back. Meaning? I don’t understand anything“, – the Russians began to doubt the version proposed by the governor.


Source: Segodnya

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