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Castle in use 007 Russians could be confiscated in GB

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(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 09 – In the countryside around Tunbridge Wells, on the border between Kent and East Sussex, there is a castle that in the area almost no one knows is owned by Russia.

Seacox Heath, a 19th century castle, is said to be used by Russian diplomats and FSB 007s as a weekend and holiday retreat. It is one of 18 properties in England that belong to the Russian state and which, according to an investigation, could be seized and sold to Ukraine.

Ukraine is also considering legal action to seize the 18 properties, which could be worth up to 100 million pounds. Many of these properties are clustered near Highgate in North London. The neighborhood is frequented by Russian diplomats and oligarchs who own some of the most expensive properties, now mostly frozen.

They include Witanhurst, the second largest house in London after Buckingham Palace, which is valued at £ 300 million, the owner is sanctioned billionaire Andrey Guryev. Moscow also owns a luxury condominium in Kensington, three houses in Holland Park and the castle in East Sussex. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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