Ukraine bombs Kherson, leaving at least seven dead and several injured

According to the commander of the Russian civic-military administration, Vladimir Leontiev, there were no military targets at the site; he called the attack an ‘act of terrorism’

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At least 60 people were injured after Ukrainian attack in Russia

THE Ukraine bombed and killed at least seven people and left 60 wounded in the Kherson region, occupied by the Russia, this Tuesday, 12, informed the occupation forces of Moscow. “There are seven dead and almost 60 wounded in the Ukrainian bombing of the city of Nova Kakhovka”, southern Ukraine, Vladimir Leontiev, commander of the civic-military administration installed by the Russians in the Kherson region, told Telegram. “Dozens of houses were hit. We are pulling people out of the rubble,” Leontiev declared, adding that “it is clear that it was a deliberate, violent and cynical attack with high-precision missiles”, claiming that in the affected region “there are no military targets”. Leontiev called the attack an “act of terrorism”.

Ukraine said it attacked military targets in Nova Kakhovka, with a balance of 52 Russian troops and an ammunition depot destroyed. The Kherson region, which borders the Crimean peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014, is largely occupied by Russian forces, which have been carrying out an offensive against Ukraine since February 24. For several weeks, the Ukrainian army has been carrying out a counter-offensive on the Kherson front, at a time when most Russian troops are deployed in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. Kiev managed to regain territory and approached Kherson, a city of 290,000, but it still failed to advance deeply into the Russian defense area.

Russian advance in Ukraine

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